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Movie Tickets Pricing


All Tickets must be purchased in person at our windows at 325 Westwood Plaza. We are open Monday - Friday: 10 am - 4 pm. 

Movie Tickets **  
AMC Black $12.00
AMC Regular Drink $5.00
AMC Regular Popcorn $6.00
AMC $25 Gift Card $25.00
Cinemark/Century - No Restrictions **** Out of Stock
Krikorian - No Restrictions $8.00
Laemmle * $7.50
Landmark Aficionado *** $9.50
Regal Premier - No Restrictions


Regal Ultimate Movie Pack
(2 Regal Ultimate + $10 concession gift card)


* Most Movie Tickets Are Limited to Non-Special Engagements. Check Tickets and Newspaper For Restrictions.

** All Movie Tickets have an 8 Ticket Limit, per Theatre. Surcharges may occur at box office for certain theatres.

*** A $2.00 surcharge per ticket must be paid at box office if used at Landmark - West LA.

**** Cinemark/Century tickets may be used at Rave theatre locations.

Prices subject to change
Tickets subject to availability
Tickets can only be purchased in person at the UCLA Central Ticket Office
The Central Ticket Office does not accept checks for movie tickets.